Hello friends,

Alas, Mother Nature wins this round.  We have been forced to cancel the event, or more accurately, postpone for one year. Worsening weather conditions and a forecast of freezing rain tomorrow make for unsafe conditions.

Your safety and the safety of our support staff is our number one concern, and conditions have dictated that it would be nearly impossible to guarantee the well being of everyone during this event.

We appreciate your understanding of this decision and want to thank you for your support by guaranteeing your entry into next year’s Worst Day of the Year Ride.

All registrations and additional purchases will be credited toward next year’s event.

Good Sport Promotion has never had to cancel an event due to snow and we appreciate your help in spreading the word and keeping the message positive.  We are looking forward to The 2015 Worst Day of the Year Ride!

Thanks for your support and understanding.  Let’s all head outside and make snow angels.


The entire Worst Day Team