New Routes for '22

Explore the very best of Portland's bikeways.....or not. You decide where you ride.

There are 3 route loops:

  • The Main Loop (red)
  • The Southern Loop (blue)
  • The Cathedral Park / Kelley Point Loop (green)

Combine for the following mileage options:

The Ride Options Total Miles Total Elevation
All the Miles - South, Kelley Pt & Main 41.6 Mi 1158 Ft
Main plus Kelley Pt / Cathedral Park 33.5 Mi 919 Ft
Main plus South 23.1 Mi 808 Ft
Main Loop 15.0 Mi 569 Ft

Route Details

The Main Loop

The core of the event. The option to go south is made near the start at the Lucky Lab SE. The option to do the Catherdral Park / Kelley Point Loop is made after the Breakside rest stop.

Cross the river on the Hawthorne Bridge, ride past the cherry blossoms on the waterfront, and recross the river on the Steel Bridge. Ride up the Main north/south Williams St bikeway to Breakside Brewery.

After the brewery, head east to wind your way through the storybook Alameda Ridge neighborhood. Continue through the funky Davis St neighborhood on your way back to the after-party at the Lucky Lab.

The southern loop runs past OMSI then south onto the rails-to-trails Springwater Corridor for a smooth glide past the wildlife preserve on your left and the amusement park on your right to Sellwood. Cross the newly constructed Sellwood Bridge (the original bridge had a safety rating of 2/100!) Across the bridge, enjoy the newly designed bike paths en route to the bucolic Willamette Park. Continue up the river to the new bike lanes on the waterfront's Naito Parkway. Ride past the famous cherry blossoms before crossing the Steel Bridge and rejoining the main route (+8 miles)

The Cathedral Park / Kelley Point Loop rides along the bluff overlooking downtown Portland. Pass by the University of Portland and it's national champion women's soccer team on the way to Cathedral Park under the St Johns Bridge. The bridge is an engineering marvel and was the highest west of the Mississippi River. The park below is named for the soaring support arches that resemble a gothic cathedral. Once past the town of St Johns, you will ride past a lot of industrial parks (all closed on Sunday) Wide paths and empty roads bring you to Kelly Point, where the Willamette meets the Columbia. Enter the Smith/Bybee Nature Preserve and ride the path to the Penninsula Crossing Path and then the Columbia Slough Trail. This winds past Heron Lakes Golf Course, then Portland International Raceway. Ducks, geese, and herons will keep you company along the trail. Head up the gradual hill and you are back at Breakside Brewery. (+18 miles)